All wars are insane: No need for bombs and rockets – People need water, food, human rights, love and peace

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All wars are insane: No need for bombs and rockets – People need water, food, human rights, love and peace

Berlin (Germany), July 13, 2014. The entire war is insane as we know all. The ones which will profit are those which are going to sell weapons and ammunition to both sides as we know. Israelis and Arabs – both of them do suffer. Civilians on both sides do suffer. However I am not able to support any kind of terrorist organization. To End the circles of violence is important and to End the war and other ongoing wars and so called conflicts. There are more then 34 military conflicts in the world. Who are those which profit if two sides or “parties” are going to war or are going to fight each other? Who is making a lot of profit if Hamas and others do fire more than 800 rockets on Israel and the IDF is launching 1200 airstrikes or what so ever. My grandfather from the motherside, Hedi Sabaot a French Army Officer, in 1945 has been born in Tunisia – an Arab nation or as others say an Muslim country. My grandfather from the fatherside was a German citizen. Therefore I am able to imagine how difficult the situation might be if two brothers and sisters are fighting each other. We are all brothers and sisters. What happens in Israel in Gaza is horrible and it is very sad that brothers and sisters kill each other. I do believe both sides, Israelis, Jews and Arabs, Muslims And ALL other members of any kind what so ever faith or religion have the right to exist and have also the right to be independent, lucky and all of us deserve social security, too and the right to access all we need, such as food and water and many other things. Certainly all of us have the right to experience peace.

All people have the right to access and to practice human rights and that their needs might be met. All people have the right to live and all people have the right to experience peace, liberty and joy.

Andreas Klamm Sabaot, Journalist, author, writer, nurse R.N., paramedic and Founder of Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters,, and ISMOT International Social And Medical Outreach Team,

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